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Greenwood Stell & Sons Ltd, weaving shed with Northrop ‘T’ and ‘S’ model automatic looms.
Showing the narrow entrance to Midgely Road. When Clough Mill, shown on the left, was demolished the road was widened.
Site of demolished Empress Foundry with Westfield Shed in background. Early 21st century.
Installation of new Belgian looms at Westfield Mill for Greenwood Stell & Sons Ltd.
This was a weaving shed, adjacent to Burnley Road. Now the site of Russell Dean furniture retailers
James Watson Ltd. Weavers of cotton sateens, twills and similar fabrics, 1960.
Left to right: Margaret Collinge, Dianne Harwood, Tony Wilson, Julie Wild, newly elected President, formerly Treasurer.
Meeting room shortly before the church closed in December 2014.
Memorial to the fallen and those who served in the two Great Wars, 1914-1918 and 1939-1945
Premises of Joseph Ashton, Yarn Agents on left, blank wall of Empress Foundry on right, canal bridge locally known as Navy Brig adjacent to branch of Mytholmroyd Co-op. The chimney behind the Co-op is of Clough Mill.
Weavers of corduroy and other types of cotton fustian fabrics. Photograph by Champion Crabtree of Bent Head.
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