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Installation of new Belgian looms at Westfield Mill for Greenwood Stell & Sons Ltd.
A regular truck stop for hungry lorry drivers, much the same as modern day service areas on our motorways. Standing outside the doorway of the Bird i'th Hand inn is a Leyland very similar to the one owned and used by the LMS Railway at Todmorden…
Calder Civic Trust members carrying out improvement works. Standing, 3rd from left is Mr Wignall, 4th is Robert Helliwell, 5th Graham Newton, 6th Shirley Jagger, 7th Michael Newton. Seated on ground, left is Philip Longbottom, father of Gillian now…
Work on the area adjacent to the market. Longfield Road visible at top right of the shot.
New gas main being laid in Burnley Road at Lydgate.
Old stone derelict commercial premises, yard and lorry
Taken in the 1960s. The open shed building on the right has now been opened up into a small square with shops.
L to R: Eileen Longbottom, Rita Baker, Sheila Sunderland
Heptonstall man Nevile Metcalf is driving, he was a driver for the Co-op.
It looks as though this lorry may have been used as a float in a festival or gala. The driver is sporting a buttonhole.

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A wonderfully evocative picture of a time when road works only needed a Keep Right sign. Hope Baptist Church is on the left and the Picture House to the right. The bridge over the road between the two parts of Crossley Mill can be seen.
Looking towards Hebden Bridge, the Hippodrome is on left
Alice Longstaff is standing on the bridge, the clog factory is in the background.
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