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Looking over to Heptonstall Road with Heptonstall Church on the skyline. Early 20th century prior to building of Riverside School in 1909.
On the right houses on Fairfield and diagonally above them Horsehold and to their right Dodd Naze. On the right hand hillside houses on the Heptonstall estate.
The railway line runs diagonally across the picture, with Fairfield on the left and Calder Holmes Park on the right.
Rita Naughton married a Columbian Jose Louis Sierra at St Thos. R.C. Church, Fairfield, Hebden Bridge. (always known as Joe Louie!!)
Jose Louis Sierra, bridegroom. Rita Naughton, bride.
John Naughton, Nora Naughton, brides parents. John Dawson, best man. Jose Louis Sierra and Rita Naughton, groom and bride. Rev Dennis Vincent Naughton, brides uncle (born at Wood Top, HB). Marie Victoria Sierra. Madeline Kennedy, brides cousin.
John Naughton, father. Rita Naughton, bride. St Thos. R.C. Church, Fairfield.
Jose was Columbrian and was known locally as Joe Louis
L to R: Mr & Mrs John Naughton, unknown, groom Jose, bride Rita Naughton, Dennis Naughton, unknown, Madeline Kennedy.
Joe MacMahon at his daughter Rita's wedding at Catholic Church, Fairfield, Hebden Bridge. Bridegroom - Brian Greenwood.
Wedding of Max and Molly Sunderland (nee McAuliffe), St Thomas' Church, Fairfield. 7 May 1960
Groom, John Monaghan, Bride, Sheila Spencer (maiden name). Right of bride, Harry Spencer, 4th from left Mrs Spencer. At St Thos. R.C. Church, Fairfield.
Sheila Spencer and John Monaghan. St Thos. R.C. Church, Fairfield. HB.
The Royal Electric Theatre' on New Road opened in 1913 on what is now the Memorial Gardens. It ceased as a cinema June 24th 1921 when the present day Picture House opened.
The Catholic Church at Fairfield. St. Thomas of Canterbury was opened on 31st October 1896. The converted premises in Union Street became too small so land was purchased at Fairfield. Members of the congregation helped with its construction as there…
Taken at St Thomas's Catholic church, Fairfield. On the right, seated, is Mrs Wilkinson. The bridesmaid on the right is Sheila Wilkinson, next to her the bride's father is Mr Wilkinson; the bride may be Monica, and the bridesmaid on the left might be…
The low white building in the foreground is Palace House, after which the road is named. The large building in the foreground on the left is the Roman Catholic Church which was built 1896 and closed in 1991.
The bird bath and seat in the Memorial Gardens, Hebden Bridge with the houses of Fairfield and the Catholic Church in the background.
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