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This was a weaving shed, adjacent to Burnley Road. Now the site of Russell Dean furniture retailers
The station on the 'Copy Pit Line' from Todmorden to Burnley opened in 1878 some 30 years after the line and the station closed in 1938.
Callis Mill and dam looking down the valley. The mill was partially demolished in the 1970s. For further information see:
The Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway 'Copy Pit' Line between Todmorden and Burnley passing Wilson’s ‘bobbin mill'.

"Wilson's Bobbin Mill once dominated the village of Cornholme. The vast four-storey building, with its eye-catching clock bridge…
1904/05 and a busy industrial scene, looking east towards Todmorden. To the right can be seen a section of the long, low viaduct, and further in the distance the bow string bridge with its castellated abutments. In the centre foreground is the…
Looking over to Heptonstall Road with Heptonstall Church on the skyline. Early 20th century prior to building of Riverside School in 1909.
Looking towards Hebden Bridge with the tall chimney of Calderside Mill and barely visible below it the road passing under Whiteley Arches. A railway signal can just be seen below the top row of houses.
Behind the viaduct is Calderside Mill built in the 1820s by John Whiteley, after whom the viaduct came to be named. Reputedly it had the tallest chimney in the valley.

The bridge over the canal was a very early skew bridge and also one of the very…
A rambling viaduct of 17 stone spans of 35ft and 1 of 60ft plus the iron span bridge over the Rochdale Canal, much plainer than its more famous neighbour to the east of the viaduct.
View over Shade School to Dobroyd Castle on the far hillside.
A west bound goods train approaching Walsden Station. The station opened in 1845 and closed in 1961.
A new station with ‘bus stop’ style shelters was opened in 1990 but slightly to the east of the footbridge seen here to the right.
Part of Lee Mill can be seen on the left, the far chimney is of Midgehole Upper Mill, later Midgehole Dyeworks and the monument on the horizon is Pecket War Memorial.
Part of Lee Mill can be seen on the left, and the monument on the horizon is Pecket War Memorial.
The road in the foreground is Midgehole Road and the Mill is Lee Mill.
The fountain was erected in 1884. The photo appears to have been taken from Free School Lane. Date unknown but possibly 1980s as the new housing estate at Spring Edge can be seen, looking new.
Causeway Foot, Halifax. April 1980. The pottery was originally opened in 1874 but was moved to this location around 1900. The company closed in 1965 and the kiln, drying shed and chimney have been listed.
The new Methodist Sunday School is in the process of being built with Salem Chapel to its left. The large building to the left is Melbourne Mill prior to its demolition (illegally, at 6 am on a Sunday morning without planning consent) to make way…
On the right looking down Heptonstall Road to its junction with Bridge lanes and on the left a view of Bridge Lanes from Heptonstall Road.
A view of Copperas House, Walsden taken from the rear of the property.
The magnificent Mons Mill on Burnley Road with the name just visible on the chimney. The bowling greens of Centre Vale Park at the bottom of the shot. The Hare and Hounds pub just visible through the tree branches bottom left.
The Rochdale Canal at Derdale, prior to restoration.
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