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Halifax Road, at Richmond Street, looking east towards Spring Gardens. Key Syke Lane goes off to the right.
It must of been cold travelling atop this bus judging by the amount of snow around.
Drawing by Dennis O'Neill of Bus No 2, which was first registered in 1913.

Despite this drawing being labelled 1910 the bus was not actually registered until 1913.
Todmorden bus No. 3 first registered in 1920.
Todmorden bus No. 3 first registered in 1920.
Todmorden Mayor, Alderman Abraham Crossley outside the Town Hall on 1st January 1907 prior to the inaugural bus run to Steanor Bottom.
Centre is Alderman John Henry Whitaker, for many years Chairman of Todmorden Joint Omnibus Committee.
Todmorden bus driver and conductor in the 1920s.
Mr B. Pickles in 1947. This Todmorden bus No. 9 was first registered in 1947.
Todmorden Joint Omnibus Committee bus tickets around the 1950s.
Selection of Todmorden Joint Omnibus Committee bus tickets.
Covers for the timetables produced by Todmorden Omnibus Committee including the years 1928, 1937 and 1960.
This is the Todmorden Joint Omnibus Committee emblem with the British Railways logo.
Working on a Todmorden bus chassis in 1930. The bus was first registered in 1923
The big red brick building is the bus garage, on the left is the Shannon and Chesapeake Inn, and on the right is the destructor building which contained an incinerator. The gas works is just off picture to the right.
Todmorden Corporation SG11 bus WU4693, chassis No; 13579, Fleet number 34 was new in My 1926. It was one of the first in the fleet to have pneumatic tyres. Sadly the driver, Mr Marshall was killed when it crashed and came to rest outside theā€¦
The building on the extreme left, formerly the Freemason's Arms, was known as the 'red house', and is now apartments. The next 2 buildings have since been demolished, the next is now a cafe known as No 72 Burnley Road. 1916
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