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Looking across Hangingroyd and Nutclough Mills to Birchcliffe late 1880s.
View over the town from Fairfield looking up Hebden Dale about 1900. Bottom centre St Thomas' Catholic Church and next to it Pallis House.
Looking up Colden Clough. Above St James' Church Upper and Lower Eaves Mills, below the church Mytholm Hall and to the left Pickles, which became Brown's, engineering works.
Looking up Hebden Dale to Hardcastle Crags. In the foreground Midgehole Lower Mill and on the right Midgehole Upper Mill.
Looking up the valley from above St James' Church. In the distance Calderside Mill and Whiteley Arches.
Looking across to Wadsworth with Calder Mill prominent in the foreground.
View over the railway station to the town and Heptonstall hillside. Bottom right the municipal gas works at Crow Nest. The station wedged between the railway warehouse and Victoria Mill.
Causey, or Causeway, Wood Dam in Lumbutts Clough with Causeywood Mill, or Folly Mill.
Built in the late 1870s as Todmorden's Workhouse but after 1948 it became a hospital for the mentally handicapped. The building was demolished in 1996.
Oldroyd in Lumbutts Clough, demolished in the 1920s.
Folly Mill, in Lumbutts Clough. Seen here in a derelict condition and it was demolished in the 1920s. The row of houses was known locally as Mouse Nest.
A small village on the moors above Todmorden with Stoodley Pike on the skyline and the United Methodist Chapel centre right.
On the moors above Todmorden with Stoodley Pike above.
On the Bacup Road out of Gauxholme.
A cotton spinning mill at Meadow Bottom; it was destroyed by fire in February 1918.
Lob Mill east of the town with the chimney being felled on 29 September 1906 by which time the mill was disused Note the crowds standing on the railway viaduct to watch.
The area down the Calder Valley to the east of the town with Cross Stone Church on the hillside.
"BOILER EXPLOSION at Lord Bros. 7 killed and 40 or 50 injured. Three boilers placed in Canal Street Works new in 1866. Whole of boiler house, beaming room and small engine room adjoining all reduced to ruins.
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