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Undated postcard. Bottom centre is Scout Road leading to its junction with Cragg Road. Bottom left are the railings of the Weslyan Chapel. Running above the top of the buildings is the railway viaduct.
Heptonstall man Nevile Metcalf is driving, he was a driver for the Co-op.
"Bed of Roses".

L to R

F. Nuttall (seated), M. Wilson, J. Davies, F. Dean, Bernard Crowther (on settee, Margaret's dad), W. Hindle, R. Bairstow, M. J. Crowther (seated), J. Lightburn
Burnley and District Sunday School League Charity Cup Winners.

Back row - Will Greenwood, Billy Coulton, Stephen Crowther, Gordon Whitehead (trainer), Geoffrey Newham (goalie), Stanley Coulton, Peter Brownbridge, Joseph Jackson (Reserve?).

Margaret & Sam Ashworth

Taken on the approach to Hebden Bridsge, Calder Holmes is very prominent.

The railway line runs diagonally across the picture, with Fairfield on the left and Calder Holmes Park on the right.
Taken from the Keighley Road side of the town, Calder Holmes Park is at the top of the picture.
All that's missing on this delightful bridal scene is the groom - perhaps the little boys at Birchcliffe Sunday School were too shy to take part! The bride, centre, is Vivien Lord and her bridesmaids, left to right, are: Geraldine Whipp, Anne…

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The church was built in 1848 in an Early English Style; it was a Million Pound church. The Sunday school, which can be seen on the left, was reduced to one story in the 1970s; this is now the church hall.
Taken on the first flight over the Calder Valley. Alice Longstaff was a passenger.
The church of St Thomas a Becket was built around the middle of the 13th century.
In the centre the Old Bridge and Bridge Mill Chimney with Old Gate on the left. The buildings on the right fronted onto Bridge Gate but all have been demolished.
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