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Holme Station Cliviger on the Todmorden-Burnley 'Copy Pit' line. On 27th October 1907 some wagons on a coal train became detached at Copy Pit and rolled back down and leaving the track demolished the Booking Office killing the Booking Clerk.
View over the town from Fairfield looking up Hebden Dale about 1900. Bottom centre St Thomas' Catholic Church and next to it Pallis House.
Mount Zion Baptist Church was built in 1808 by a breakaway group from Birchcliffe Chapel in Hebden Bridge but the present building dates from 1878.
View over the railway station to the town and Heptonstall hillside. Bottom right the municipal gas works at Crow Nest. The station wedged between the railway warehouse and Victoria Mill.
Construction of filter beds at Gorpley Reservoir.

Gorpley Waterworks was finally opened in 1905. The work was completed by Benjamin Lumb, the local builder.
Believed to be at Gorpley Reservoir.
Lob Mill east of the town with the chimney being felled on 29 September 1906 by which time the mill was disused Note the crowds standing on the railway viaduct to watch.
A west bound goods train approaching Walsden Station. The station opened in 1845 and closed in 1961.
A new station with ‘bus stop’ style shelters was opened in 1990 but slightly to the east of the footbridge seen here to the right.
Todmorden Mayor, Alderman Abraham Crossley outside the Town Hall on 1st January 1907 prior to the inaugural bus run to Steanor Bottom.
Bus crash 1907 - The motor bus undertaking was beset by problems during the early years of operation. Not the least of these were the frequent interruptions to service caused by accidents and breakdown due to mechanical failure. On this occasion, No…
An illustration by Dennis O'Neill of the Todmorden Corporation Omnibus fleet livery, with the Town's Crest added on each side panel.
This bus carries the registration number of fleet number 2, C-1503 which has had its upper deck removed following an accident at Lobbmill. Early buses such as this one, which is an illustration by Dennis O'Neil, occasionally had either their body or…
A superb drawing by Denis O'Neill of Bus No 1, which would have been the bus to do the inaugural run, but icy weather caused a problem, resulting in No 2 having that honour. From Milltown Memories magazine Issue 1. Todmorden folk have always prided…
Heptonstall Slack Baptist Chapel Choir c.1909, taken to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Choirmaster, William Greenwood, nickname William the Singer.

Bottom row from left: Sarah Pickles, unknown, Francis Greenwood who was killed in the First…
Edgar started the firm of Thornber Bros in 1907.
This mill was built as a steam powered mill in 1861 and was the last mill to be built in the Colden Valley.
"The decline of handloom weaving was a long process and it was not until the 1830s that power-loom weaving began to seriously displace the hand loom weavers. After 1841 each national census for Hebden Bridge shows a shrinking number of handloom…
A famous photo of the station area about 1900. Bottom right the Municipal Gas Works at Crow Nest, above it Mayroyd Mill and then the five storey Victoria Mill with the small station dwarfed by it and the large station warehouse on the other side.…
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