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This building was on Halifax Road at Millwood, Todmorden, opposite the bus garage on what is now the car park for First employees.
The Britannia Coco-nut Dancers of Bacup. The nut dance is most unusual and is performed either in a straight line or two lines of four with each of the dancers wearing wooden discs or nuts on their hands, and knees with a belly nut around the waist. …
Taken on the weekend of the closing down sale, Easter, 1992
The Alice Longstaff Gallery logo. The idea for the collection’s logo came from a painting by Mr Donald Crossley that he presented to Alice in September 1991 to celebrate her 70 years in business. A few weeks later Alice had a heart attack and died…
Mount Zion Chapel and Stubbings School can be seen on the hillside with the Hole in the Wall public house at the foot of The Buttress, and the Council Offices (now the Town Hall) on the left.
Opened here in St Georges Square on 7th Nov 1969 and moved to Bridge Mill in June 1976
c1970. The top of the tower like building centre left contained a water tank for the sprinkle system for the Co-op building just out of view on the left.
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