Historic Homes of Yorkshire collection


Historic Homes of Yorkshire collection


Historic homes of Yorkshire taken between 1900-1916


This Album contains images with notes on the Historic Homes of Yorkshire, a series of lectures first given to the Hebden Bridge Literary & Scientific Society by Mr. George Hepworth around 1916. An architect by profession, in 1894 he was a founder member of the Brighouse Photographic Society, and became a much sort after photographic artist and lanternist (someone who operates a magic lantern). He achieved wide popularity with his book 'Brighouse, its Scenery and Antiquities'; as only a 100 copies were published it has become something of a collectors item. The lectures take the form of a guided tour of the properties, and the language of the original notes has been maintained.

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George Hepworth


Hebden Bridge Literary & Scientific Society


Photographs were taken in the early 1900s.


PHDA - Hebden Bridge Local History Society



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Royds Hall, the Justice Room - HLS06070
Slide 3 - 'Squire Leedes' as he was familiarly called was a noted magistrate of George the Third's time and sat to administer justice in a building within his own grounds, aview of which is now shown. The broad flight of steps outside, and the…

Royds Hall,  Centre Portion of the South Front  - HLS06069
Slide 2 - A date and arms over the porch on the South Front fix the date of the erection of the central portion of the house at 1640. Another portion of the East End bears the date 1651 and the West Wing that of 1656. The extreme eastern end was…

Royds Hall, the South Front  - HLS06068
Slide 1 - Royds Hall is very fine specimen of a Yorkshire Manor house of the Seventeenth Century. It is situated in the Parish of Bradford and is picturesqely seated upon high table - land looking south, affording an extensive and charming prospect.…

Woodsome Hall, Pageant in Grounds - HLS06067
Slide 17 - Pageant day in the grounds at Woodsome Hall.

Woodsome Hall, view from the West - HLS06066
Slide 16 - Emerging from the courtyard, we view the mansion from the back, noticing the buttressed chimney-stacks and diagonally formed summits, peculiar to the period.

In taking our leave of Woodsome, the lines from Tennyson can truly be applied…

Woodsome Hall, Courtyard looking West - HLS06065
Slide 15 - A long, low roofed building with projecting windows, and supported on stone pillars, stands at the west side of the courtyard. This is probably the most ancient part of the building, of the Tudor or Plantagenet era.

Such a house as…

Woodsome Hall, Courtyard looking East - HLS06064
Slide 14 - There is a fine courtyard at the rear, paved with flags and in the centre is a stone fountain and basin, erected in 1857 to commemorate the visit of Lord Lewisham.

Woodsome Hall, the Hall from the North. - HLS06063
Slide 13 - On the west side is the Minstrels gallery where in olden times the musicians discoursed music and song, to the assembled guests below, and on the north side are two internal and ancient looking windows, from which it is said, the fair…

Woodsome Hall, Oak Bedstead in Bedroom - HLS06062
Slide 12 - We now ascend an oak staircase and enter the principal bedrooms, likewise wainscoted in oak. One of these rooms contains a fine old oak four posted bedstead elaborately carved, purchased by Lord Dartmouth at accost of £250.

Woodsome Hall, door from Great Hall to Drawing Room - HLS06061
Slide 11 - Through an open door on the north side of the Great Hall we obtain a peep into the Drawing room, wainscoted throughout in oak and filled with antique furniture.

Woodsome Hall, Picture of coat of Arms in the Hall - HLS06060
Slide 10 - On the other side, are the armorial bearings of the families of Yorkshire related to the Kayes, divided down the middle into two columns of twenty eight each.

Woodsome Hall, Picture Boards in the Hall - HLS06059
Slide 9 - The two following slides show the same board, in detail. One shows a portrait of John Kaye, surmounted by the coat of arms, and surrounded by various devices.

Woodsome Hall, the Clock in the Hall - HLS06058
Slide 8 - To the right of the fireplace is a fine old clock in oak case, bearing the date1652, and surrounded with the plume and coronet forming the crest of the Legge family.

But the greatest curiosities are the ancient picture boards hung on…

Woodsome Hall, detail of the bellows in the Hall - HLS06057
Slide 7 - These are now shown in detail, which gives a better idea of the fine carving on the front of the bellows.

Woodsome Hall, the Great Hall - HLS06056
Slide 6 - On one side is the huge fireplace some 14 foot in width, over which is carved on an oak beam in antique capitals a foot in depth -


Above this is a portrait of the daughter and heiress of the aforesaid…

Woodsome Hall, entrance to Great Hall - HLS06055
Slide 5 - Entering through the porch, we are ushered into the Great Hall, the most interesting room in the mansion, not only on account of the many relics of antiquity which it contains, but because it gives us a vivid picture of the baronial life of…

Woodsome Hall, Kitchen Wing - HLS06054
Slide 4 - On the south side facing the orchard are the kitchens and other offices. This is probably the oldest portion and dates from the Tudor period.

Woodsome Hall, the Porch and Terrace - HLS06053
Slide 3 - From the crevices between the flags have sprung up in profusion lily of the valley, and groups of musk, etc.

The architecture of Woodsome Hall is of the Tudor period, but it does not appear to be all of the same date. In front there is the…

Woodsome Hall, South Front from lawn - HLS06052
Slide 2 - A flight of steps of ample width leads to a flagged terrace, flanked with an ornamental balustrade of rare beauty, black with age, and covered with pretty creeping plants.

As Canon Hulbert says in his 'Annals of the Church in…

Woodsome Hall, South Front - HLS06051
Slide 1 - Well might Woodsome be described as 'one of the most charming old places in Yorkshire'
A carriage drive through an avenue of trees brings us to the front of the ancient mansion. Taking our stand on the graveled path on the east side of the…

Wood Lane Hall, Copy from Horner - HLS06050
Slide 3 - In 1706 John Dearden, grandson of the John who is supposed to have built the house, having by marriage come into the Hollins Estate, sold Wood Lane, to Jeremy Crossley of Lighthazles for £1100, described as a 'white Kerseyman.'The view of…

Wood Lane Hall, Porch to East Side - HLS06049
Slide 2 - The Deardens by their trade as clothiers became very wealthy. It was the custom in the 17th Century to bid very large numbers of friends and acquaintances to funerals. At the death of Michael, son of John Dearden, in 1672, 279 were bidden,…

Wood Lane Hall, Sowerby - HLS06048
Slide 1 - This is one of the most picturesque old Houses in the parish of Halifax, and seems to have escaped external alterations evident in all others, according to the varying tastes of the owners. It is situated in the Calder Valley on a steep…

Weston Hall, the parish Stocks - HLS06047
Slide 11 - Weston, though historically speaking, a parish, has now the appearance of a diminutive but scattered hamlet. Few buildings are visible, and a the top of the village, beneath the shadow of a magnificent old elm tree, are the old village…

Weston Hall, Weston Church - HLS06046
Slide 10 - Close to the Hall is the interesting old Domesday Church which dates form the Eleventh Century (1086). There is no tower, only a bell turret at the west end. In the interior are numerous tablets of members of the families of Carters,…
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